News & Updates

2019.08 Yue presented a seminar at the Epigenomics Interest Group meeting, Mayo Clinic.

2019.08 Our collaboration paper with Jeongsik Yong lab “mTOR-regulated U2af1 tandem exon splicing specifies transcriptome features for translational control” is accepted by Nucleic Acid Research.

2019.08 Megan Korne receives the UROP award for undergraduate research. Congratulations to Megan!

2019.07 Yue gave a Keynote Lecture at the Chicago Mass Spec Day.

2019.06 Luke and Ang’s paper “Targeted and Interactome Proteomics Revealed the Role of PHD2 in Regulating BRD4 Proline Hydroxylation” has been published online on Molecular and Cellular Proteomics. Congratulations!

2019.06 Megan Korne and Katrina Paleologos joined the lab for summer research. Welcome Megan and Katrina!

2019.04 Our collaboration paper with Tretyakova lab on quantitative analysis of tobacco induced histone modification in lung cells is published by Chemical Research in Toxicology.

2019.03 Yao gave an oral presentation at US HUPO 2019, Washington, D.C.

2019.01 Luke successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on the COLDEST day on record among all BMBB Ph.D. defenses. Congratulations to Luke and well-done!

2018.11 Our paper “A Quantitative Chemical Proteomics Approach for Site-specific Stoichiometry Analysis of Ubiquitination” is published by Angew Chimie Int. Congratulations to everyone!

2018.09 Yao joined the lab as a graduate student. Welcome Yao!

2018.07 Pavan joined the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome Pavan!

2018.06 Our collaboration study with Bernlohr lab “Obesity-Induced Protein Carbonylation In Murine Adipose Tissue Regulates The DNA Binding Domain Of Nuclear Zinc-Finger Proteins” is published on Journal of Biological Chemistry.

2018.04 Yue received the NSF CAREER award.

2018.04 Yue presented at the BICB graduate program seminar.

2018.03 Luke presented at the US HUPO 2018, Minneapolis.

2018.02 Our collaboration study with Mahr lab at the Mayo Clinic “Chromatin Succinylation Correlates with Active Gene Expression and Is Perturbed by Defective TCA Cycle Metabolism” is published on iScience.

2018.01 Yue is named University of Minnesota HHMI Senior Fellow for Inclusive Excellence

2017.12 Our collaboration study with Mahr lab at the Mayo Clinic “Characterization and metabolic synthetic lethal testing in a new model of SDH-loss familial pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma” is published on Oncotarget.

2017.12 Our collaboration study with Yongsheng Shi lab at the University of California-Irvine “Nudt21 Controls Cell Fate by Connecting Alternative Polyadenylation to Chromatin Signaling” is published on Cell.

2017.12 Yue presented at the Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit, Michigan.

2017.10 Jake joined the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome Jake!

2017.10 Our collaboration study with Wei Gu lab “NRF2 is a major target of ARF in p53-independent tumor suppression” is published on Molecular Cell.

2017.08 Yue received NIH R35 MIRA award.

2017.08 Yue presented at the FASEB Scientific Research Conference on “Reversible Acetylation in Health and Disease”.

2017.06 Yue presented at Bio-Techne Research Seminars, Minneapolis.

2017.06 Uyanga joined the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome Uyanga!

2017.05 Mohamed Jama receives the UROP award for undergraduate research. Congratulations to Mohamed!

2017.03 Tran’s RO1 application in which we serve as collaborator has been funded by NINDS, NIH. Congratulations!

2017.01 Mohamed, Jonathan, Jett, Zachary and Leying joined the lab for undergraduate research. Welcome to all!

2016.10 Ang joined the lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome Ang!

2016.10 Our paper “Proteomic analysis reveals diverse proline hydroxylation-mediated oxygen-sensing cellular pathways in cancer cells” has been published on Oncotarget. Congratulations to Tong and Luke!

2016.08 Linh Nguyen receives the UROP award for undergraduate research. Congratulations to Linh!

2016.08 Yue speaks at the 4th CNCP Conference, Dalian, China.

2016.08 Yue visits the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China.

2016.07 Yue speaks at the MinnCResT Epigenetics Symposium.

2016.06 Our collaboration paper “The histone H3.3K36M mutation reprograms the epigenome of chondroblastomas” is published in Science. Congratulations to Jianji!

2016.06 We receive the Grant-in-Aid award from the Graduate School.

2016.05 Yue is awarded as an HHMI Faculty Fellow for Inclusive Excellence.

2016.04 Jianji is accepted into the Epigenetic and Carcinogenesis Ph.D. program at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. Congratulations to Jianji!

2016.03 Yue organizes the “At-the-U At-the-Center” class at Osher Life-long Learning Institute (OLLI).

2016.03 Our research paper “Site-specific Identification of Lysine Acetylation Stoichiometries in Mammalian Cells” is published on the Journal of Proteome Research. Congratulations to Tong, Yinghua and Jianji!

2016.03 We receive the Masonic Neurodevelopment and Child Mental Health Fund.

2016.02 Our book chapter “Quantitative Analysis of the Sirt5-Regulated Lysine Succinylation Proteome in Mammalian Cells” is published on the Methods in Molecular Biology.

2016.01 Linh Nguyen joins the lab as undergraduate volunteer.

2015.10 Yue speaks at the 5th WCMSC conference, Beijing, China.

2015.05 Yue speaks at the Epigenetic Consortium Monthly Seminar.

2015.05 Ed successfully completes the Honor Thesis research and will join 3M.

2015.02 Tong speaks at the Chemical Biology Lunch & Learn Seminar.

2015.01 Junggu Lee and Vinh Nguyen join the lab for directed study.

2014.12 Yue speaks at Masonic Cancer Center Junior Faculty Seminar.

2014.10 Yue speaks at the Department of Pharmacology Seminar.

2014.09 Edward Roberts joins the lab as Honor Thesis student in Biochemistry. Welcome, Ed!

2014.09 Yue speaks at the Developmental Biology Center Friday Meetings.

2014.06 Caleb Ayers joins the lab as undergraduate volunteer.

2014.06 Jianji Chen joins the lab as Master student in Environmental Science. Welcome, Jianji!

2014.06 We receive the Minnesota Medical Foundation Research grant.

2014.04 Luke Erber joins the lab as PhD student in BMBB. Welcome, Luke!

2014.01 Luke and Simon join the lab as rotation students.

2013.11 We receive the American Chemical Society Institutional Research Grant.

2013.10 Dr. Tong Zhou joins the lab as postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Tong!

2013.08 Dr. Yinghua Chung joins the lab as postdoctoral fellow. Welcome, Yinghua!